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Hand Natural Beauty Tips

Hand Natural Beauty Tips

Your hands take a lot of abuse and are particularly susceptible to dryness because they are washed so often and are exposed to a variety of cleaning solutions. Since your hands are visible almost all the time, it is important to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Always protect your hands from detergents and cleaners by wearing protective gloves when washing dishes and cleaning house.

Keep moisturizer handy in the kitchen, bathroom, and at work, so you can apply it immediately after washing your hands, or whenever you find that they are dry. In the winter months you may find that you need a stronger formula moisturizer to combat the dryness that comes with colder air.

Wear gloves outside in the winter, even if just going from your car to a building, to protect your hands from the cold and drying wind.

Once a week, give your hands an intensive overnight treatment. Apply a generous amount of lotion to your hands. Be sure to massage well into your fingernails and cuticles. Wear cotton gloves while you sleep, to ensure that the moisture absorbs deeply in to your skin.

For the finishing touch on your soft, well-hydrated hands, make sure your fingernails are neatly cut and filed. Top your nails with a coat of clear polish, or a translucent pink for a healthy natural-looking shine.

  • Moisturize

Since your entire body is susceptible to dry skin, it is important to apply moisturizer after every shower or bath to help maintain soft silky skin. Keep your skin well hydrated from the inside out, by drinking several glasses of water per day.

  • Winter Skin

Your skin is particularly susceptible to dry skin in the winter months. Although it is tempting to warm yourself in the winter by taking long hot showers or soaking in a hot bath, this will deplete your skin’s natural oils. It is better to take a brief warm shower. If soaking in a warm bath, you can add moisturizing oils or salts to the water. Be sure to apply moisturizing lotion to your entire body as soon as you get out of the shower or bath, to help lock in moisture. If you still find that your skin is dry, itchy or flaky in the winter months try using a humidifier in your home.

  • Summer Skin

Apply a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 protection to any part of your body that will be exposed to the sun. Reapply after swimming or excessive perspiring. There are now a number of sunless tanning moisturizing products available that will give you a healthy summer glow without exposing your skin to the sun’s damaging rays.

  • Exercise

Daily moderate exercise helps to keep your muscles toned, your heart healthy, gives you an energy boost and helps to reduce stress. Exercise also helps to keep your skin looking younger by increasing blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Add exercise to your daily routine by walking to the store or to get the mail, playing in the park with your kids, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

They say that true beauty lies within. If you strive to find joy and balance in your life and treat yourself and others well, your natural beauty is sure to shine through.

Try to cleanse your mind of the stress and chaos of everyday life by taking a quiet stroll in the park and appreciating the wonder of nature or by practicing yoga.